Friday, 16 September 2011


inspired by Michael Longley’s ‘Petalwort’
i. m. Mabel Winifred Reece ("Aunty Freda")

You wanted your ashes sprinkled
off the point at Morte, unapproachable
jags of rock you steered a course round well
into your nineties. I place you under
new-cut turf in the council cemetery.
It’s just as good, I tell you, you can still
see the sea from here; better really
that view along the sands.

You would never have been so
selfish but I need this place
need to feel you sheltered here
need your mark on man-made stone.
The weather you send, sunlight lifting the fog
over Baggy Point, suggests you forgive me.

Susanna Reece

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