Friday, 17 August 2012

Celebrating the Olympics

Like many, I was a late adopter of the wonderful event that has been London 2012. Undeservedly, therefore, I got to go into the Olympic Park twice last week, to watch a couple of raucous matches in the Water Polo Arena and the Preliminary round of the 10m platform diving with Tom Daley in the Aquatic Centre. As everyone else has observed, travel into London was superbly smooth and everyone was utterly welcoming and friendly. There was also a splendid exhibition of the history of the Olympics at the Royal Opera House, an odd but good juxtaposition as the reminder of dance as an alternative form of athleticism and movement was very welcome.  Here are a few pictures from the Park,  a taste of what life can be, and a promise that this blog is now active again, too!

Looking towards the Aquatic Centre

The Royal Barge 'Gloriana'
Supporting Team GB

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